Creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversation is central to our aim of fostering inquiry about the role of song in the nineteenth century. This page contains information about past and future events hosted by the Nineteenth-Century Song Club and its members.

Quarter Sessions

During the COVID pandemic, we found ourselves unable to travel to the physical meetings we had planned and so we shifted the focus of our activities to small, regular online meetings, approximately once every 3 months, which we call our Quarter Sessions. These are opportunities for the board members to update each other on projects in development, share work in progress, and invite collaborators to join us. We like these sessions, and plan to continue them even as travel has become possible again.

Quarter Session 6: The Francis Place Ballads

March 10 2023

Presenter: Ian Newman (University of Notre Dame)

Breaking Into Song

8-9 October 2022, University of Notre Dame in London

This in-person meeting was the first “Song Club” in person event. The workshop focused on moments of transition into song. What happens when we begin to sing? What are the shifts in register? What is the affective effect? How does singing structure the relations between performer and audience differently than speech. The workshop involved a variety of formats, including pre-circulated papers, more formal conference papers, participatory sessions and a series of “moments” — where presenters were asked to describe and illustrate a moment of breaking into song (however they choose to define it) in about 5-10 minutes, with the remaining time given over to discussion and exploration of the material. 

Participants included:

Jacky Bratton (Royal Holloway London)
Trish Bredar (Northwestern University)
Gilli Bush-Bailey (Royal Holloway London)
Oskar Cox Jensen (Newcastle University)
Jo Hicks (University of Aberdeen)
Michael Gamer (Queen Mary University of London)
James Grande (King’s College London)
Morag Josephine Grant (University of Edinburgh)
Katherine Hambridge (Durham University)
Sarah Hibberd (University of Bristol)
David Kennerley (Queen Mary University of London)
Ian Newman (University of Notre Dame)
Deven Parker (Queen Mary University of London)
Mark Philp (University of Warwick)
Carmel Raz (Max Plank Institute for Empirical Aesthetics)
Susan Rutherford (University of Cambridge)
Hannah Scott (Newcastle University)

    Walter Scott and Song Online Symposium


    This online symposium, jointly organized with the University of Aberdeen’s Walter Scott Research Centre, will take place as part of the Scott 250 celebrations. Further details about this and related events available on the University of Aberdeen Scott 250 Celebrations webpage.

    Quarter Session 5: Sound and Song

    May 23 2022

    Presenter: James Grande (Kings College London) and Carmel Raz (Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetic, Frankfurt, Germany)

    Sound and Sense in British Romanticism

    “On Popular Song” from Ana María Ochoa Gautier Aurality: Listening and Knowledge in Nineteenth Century Colombia

    Guests: Hannah Scott (Newcastle) and Matt Kilbane (Notre Dame)

    Quarter Session 4: Circulation

    August 18 2021

    Presenter: James Mulholland (North Carolina State)

    An Indian It-Narrative and the Problem of Circulation: Reconsidering a Useful Concept for Literary Study
    Before the Raj

    Guests: Harriet Boyd-Bennett (Nottingham), Julia Hamilton (Columbia), Emily MacGregor (KCL)

    Quarter Session 3: Opera On the Move

    April 30 2021

    Presenters: Jo Hicks and Kathy Fry

    Kathy Fry: Orchestral Acoustics between Bayreuth and London;
    Jo Hicks: Opera History the Travel Edition

    Guests: Laura Protano-Biggs (Johns Hopkins), Francesco Vella (Cambridge)

    Quarter Session 2: Protest Song

    January 12 2021

    Presenter: Oskar Cox Jensen

    Protest Song

    Quarter Session 1: Sonic Chartism

    September 15 2020

    Presenter: David Kennerley

    ‘Scots wha hae’ and Chartist song culture